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Movement for mind and body.

Welcoming Atmosphere

"I’ve attended Gratitude Yoga through thick and thin since it opened. The positive, relaxing, and friendly atmosphere that Bridget creates always gives me a boost. Also, the variety of yoga poses and routines keep things interesting and challenging."
Sandi H.W.
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Movement Suitable for all Bodies

Gratitude Yoga offers classes for all strength and ability levels. It is our goal to make movement accessible for all. Please contact Bridget with any questions.

All Levels Yoga

Poses based on traditional Vinyasa Flow, this class is great for adventurous beginners.

Chair Yoga

Using a chair as a prop, we explore traditional yoga poses while standing.

Moderate Flow Yoga

A more challenging class focused on keeping a moderate pace with Vinyasa Flow poses.


Core strengthening class led by certified Power Pilates instructor Bridget Schuch.

Slow Flow Yoga

A great beginner class focused on slower intentional movements and breath work.

Strength Training

ACE-Certified Trainer Bridget Schuch leads small groups in strength exercises.

Yoga Nidra

An emphasis on fluid movement and cultivating self-awareness and growth.

Yoga and Movement Studio in Silverton, OR

Bridget's Studio Philosophy

We understand that words are powerful and carry strong meaning (for different reasons for different people). Words have the ability to trigger us emotionally. Unfortunately, the word “exercise” can be an emotional trigger for people.

Maybe you are someone who has “exercised” your whole life but never enjoyed it or maybe you are someone who has always thought they “should exercise” but never found that “motivation” or “discipline” to do it. Instead of exercising, we encourage people to MOVE their bodies and to find JOY and CONNECTION in the way they move.

We want to move away from the model that exercise is something that you do to punish yourself because of what you ate or didn’t eat or that we must feel guilt or shame if you don’t exercise.

We want people in all bodies to find whatever MOVES them! Therefore, the term MOVEMENT seemed a more appropriate term to describe what Gratitude Yoga is about.

Visit our contact page to get in touch and view our location near beautiful downtown Silverton, OR. 

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A True Silverton Treasure

"Gratitude Yoga is part of my life. Whether it is attending strength training, yoga or Pilates, it is all part of having a healthy lifestyle. I enjoy every class and have made many lasting friendships at Gratitude. Thank you Bridget."
Liz N.
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